Centrifugal Cleaning of Coolants, Oils and other Industrial Fluids without the use of filter media

The Turbo-Separator Model T5/T6 is designed to remove up to 0.8 gallons of sludge before the liner needs to be serviced. Capable of processing water based fluids at flow rates up to 13 gpm and oils at flow rates up to 8 gpm, the 3,000 rpm rotor will remove fine solids down to 2-5 micron.

A wide range of solid particulate – all types of metal (both magnetic and non-magnetic), glass, ceramics, hard metals, graphite and plastics can be filtered from a variety of fluids such as emulsions, oils, solvents, water, etc.

The high-speed aluminium rotor guarantees filtration quality. The heavy duty plastic sludge basket facilitates simple operation.

Operator Safety is paramount and designed into every Turbo-Separator. The T5 has a cover lock/brake switch and the T6 has a mechanical cover lock. The cover lock as well as other controls prevents the centrifuge from being opened when the rotor is spinning or activated when the cover is opened.

The electrical controls with all the respective indicator lamps and switches are standard equipment.

Typical Continuous Flow Process

  • Gravitational flow of the dirty fluid into the rotor
  • Separation of the solids from the fluid, where the particles settle on the wall of the sludge basket
  • For the T5 Model: Cleaned liquid overflows the drum lid and is directed to a tank
  • For the T6 Model: Cleaned fluid is removed from the rotor with a scoop and directed to a tank


  • Compact design saves floor space
  • No additional costs for filter media
  • Minimal disposal costs due to the sludge cake being solid and dried
  • Optimal machining results from clean coolant/oil
  • Personnel satisfaction through simple operation
  • No obsolescence – centrifugal filtration that is flexible enough for future applications


  • Cleaning fines from coolant or oil after chip processing
  • Removing solids and reducing the viscosity of oil during cold forming applications
  • Removing sludge in wastewaters
  • Cleaning Coolants or Oils
  • Treatment of Glass
  • Grinding Coolant
  • Recycling Vibratory Compound

For more information about the process, specifications, and applications of the Manual Centrifugal Cleaning Systems, click the button.

Dimensions (L x W x H, in.)
Hose Connection (in.)
Inflow Height Min (in)
Weight (lbs.)
Processing Capacity (gpm)
Sludge Capacity (lbs.)
25 x 18 x 19
T5 – 21.0 | T6 – 23
230/460V, 3 Phase
25 x 25 x 38
460V, 3 Phase

Options include: Castors, Chillers, Lifting Pumps, Various Supply Pumps
Available as free-standing or complete filter systems with cleaning fluid tanks.
*Expect lower capacity when processing oil