Waste Water Treatment Equipment

Bel Air’s wastewater treatment systems allow for recirculation, closed loop, & safe disposal of water used in tumbling operations. We offer ultrafiltration systems and centrifugal sludge separation systems for ultrasonic waste streams as well as deburring and polishing effluent.


AquaSafe™ Small Economy Series

We offer our small and compact AquaSafe™ flocculent based systems for the streatment of small batches at the machining center, to large scale semi-atuomated systems for centralized large volume processing. These systems can be closed-looped, which reduces the amount of water used and can eliminate the need for waste water permitting and regulation. Click here to learn about the AquaSafe™treatment technology and equipment.

waste water treatment
AquaSafe™ Large Series


Ultrafiltration™ Economy Portable Series

In addition, several sizes of Ultrafiltration units are available, from small portable systems, to large pallet-mounted systems for large scale processing and recycling of coolants, ultrasonic cleaning fluids, and more. These systems typically recover up to 98% of the effluent, yielding dramatic savings in chemicals, and reducing the amount of hazardous materials that must be disposed of.

Ultrafiltration™ Large Series


Manual Batch Series

We offer several different Centrifuge Sludge Separator models for  sludge removal from wastewater. These units use centrifugal force to separate solids from liquid and de-water the sludge. There are both manual  and automated versions available. 

AquaSafe™ Large Series