Cutting Tool Honing & Polishing Media

Tool Honing is a process that when done right, can increase tool resilience, cutting quality, and tool lifespan. Bel Air offers all types of tool honing media for edge-prep, tool polishing, and even 1-step hone & polish media. These media work on all sorts of tools including un-coated and coated tools. The types of tool coatings are growing day by day and Bel Air’s media offers support for them all, whether it’s Chemical Vapor Deposition, titanium carbide, titanium nitride, aluminum titanium nitride, aluminum chromium nitride, and even nano-composite coatings, Bel Air’s tool honing media is compatible.

Tool Honing Media

Honing/Edge-Prep Media

Media Designed To Hone Tool Edges

4 Types Available

Tool Honing and Tool Polishing media

Special 1-Step Hone/Polish

Achieve a Hone and Polish With this 1 step Solution

1 Type Available

Tool Polishing Media

Tool Polishing Media

Media designed To Polish Tool Surfaces.

2 Types Available