Bel Air’s DF 3000T offers a higher processing capacity than any other machine in its size range!

This versatile drag finishing machine includes 6 heads, and is capable of processing up to 60 tools at a time! The DF 3000T is a great choice for large diameter tools. With the optional 6-position tool holders, the machine can process up to 36 tools up to 2″ in diameter, or even larger with custom tooling!

When you purchase the DF 3000T as part of the tool package, you get six 10-position third axis tool holders for our standard collets, which can hold tools up to 1-1/8″ in diameter. Larger collets are available. Using our standard tool holders, the DF 3000T can process up to 60 tools at a time. Custom tool holders can be made to your specifications to accept a wide range of tools and inserts.

Standard Features

  1. Six process heads with simple load/unload of fixtures
  2. Planetary drive system with auto-reverse, synchronous belts & easy-change bearing cartridges
  3. Allen Bradley digital PLC & touchscreen with controls for forward/reverse cycle time, total process time, up/down control, total hour logger, media change timer, programmable immersion depth, and fault announcement
  4. New Chamber-Lift™ technology – eliminates the complex shaft & linear bearing system common on most drag finishers currently on the market.
  5. Stainless steel media chamber with quick-change feature allows for quick swapping of process media and easy machine cleaning
  6. Media trolley – standard with the DF 3000T, allows sliding media chamber out of machine to swap process media
  7. Modular 40mm and 80mm aluminum extrusion frames, for easy installation of auxiliary equipment
  8. Dual door feature for complete access to machine interior with safety interlock
  9. Machine is sealed and ready for connection to dust-collection equipment

Optional Equipment

  • Driven 3rd axis tool holders
  • Maxi-Drive system – provides second drive motor for independent speed and directional control of the heads.
  • Programmable recipes
  • Stack light – visual indication of machine status
  • Stainless steel media chamber
  • Dust collection system
  • Media trolley with extra media chamber

Optional Equipment

Model FMDF 3000T-S - Standard Package

  • 1 FMDF 3000T with programmable recipe option
  • 6 model FMDF 3000-TH-203 10-position 3rd axis tool holders
  • 16 50# boxes of honing or polishing media.

Model FMDF 3000T-D - Deluxe Package

  • 1 FMDF 3000T with programmable recipe option
  • 6 Model FMDF 3000-TH-300 10-position 3rd axis driven tool holders
  • Sixteen 50# boxes of honing or polishing media


Length (in/cm)
Width (in/cm)
Height (in/cm)
# of Tools
Bowl Dia. (in/cm)
67 / 170
47 / 119
91 / 231
36 – 60
36 / 01
230/3 Phase