Manual Media separator, separates parts from media

Parts separating screens for manually separating parts from finishing media. 14-1/2” Diameter x 2-1/2 ft. depth (approximately .25 cu ft.) Also useful for separating undersize finishing media from useable finishing media.

Made of high-impact polymer with integral screen. One piece molding eliminates problems with finishing parts and finishing media sticking at the points of other two piece parts separa-tor screens.

Order part number MS-25 for the full set which includes a full set of five separator screens and the 1 cubic foot container. Parts separator screens nest for ease of storage. Separator screens are available in five sizes and can be ordered separately.

See below for technical data.

Item #
Complete Set with Tote, 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, 3/4”, 1” Screens
MS-25 MAN 01
Screen, 1/4”
MS-25 MAN 02
Screen, 1/4”
MS-25 MAN 03
Screen, 1/2”
MS-25 MAN 04
Screen, 3/4”
MS-25 MAN 05
Screen, 1”
MS-25 MAN 06
Tote Pan