We offer a full range of custom ultrasonic cleaning lines that are built to suit your requirements.

Custom Ultrasonic Cleaning Systems in various construction styles available

Various Construction Styles are Available

We offer standard stainless steel tanks with legs, one-piece “Uni-tank” construction, or console style modular systems that can contain multiple tanks. All systems are custom tailored to your requirements and can contain any number of static or counter-flow rinse tanks, with or without heat, ultrasonic’s and filtration systems. Hot-Air dryers can be added for a complete turn-key cleaning package.

Gantry and Rotational Baskets for the Ultimate in Process Versatility

We offer an overhead gantry system as an option that can help to automate your cleaning line and free-up the operator to perform other tasks. Also offered is a unique rotating basket to assist in assuring all areas of your parts are cleaned equally. The rotational baskets can accommodate baskets from popular centrifugal spin dryer manufacturers such as Nobles and New Holland for the ultimate in convenience, eliminating the need to purchase additional drying equipment should you already have it.

Fully Integrated Controls

A variety of control packages are available, including simple on/off analog type controls, to a fully integrated digital PLC control panel with touch-screen operator interface. Our DE-I Filtration Systems include a water-quality monitor, and gross particle filtration systems include inlet and outlet pressure gauges to monitor filter quality. Your filtration system can be designed with any number of filters that are required to accomplish the task.

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