Table Top Spin Dryer, 6 x 6 basket capacity
Centrifugal Spin Dryer with a custom mobile cleaning cart
Standard and Custom Mobile Cleaning Carts are available.
Available in Stainless Steel

Machine Design

This small compact bench top dryer packs a big punch. Available in painted carbon steel construction, or all stainless steel construction as shown.

Features rugged welded steel construction with a 1/8th HP direct drive motor that spins at a fast 1075 RPM. Available with or without heat and comes in a variety of voltages to suit requirements. Will accept a 6″ dia. X 6″ basket and has a load capacity of 7 lbs. Baskets are available in a multitude of mesh and perforation sizes and can be made in Polypro or Stainless Steel.

Bel Air has been supplying centrifugal dryers to the metal finishing industries for almost 50 years. Our dryer line includes over nine models giving you the widest selection in the industry.

We also build and customize washing and drying systems and can help you find a solution to your washing and drying problems.

Centrifugal Spin Dryer Finisher Standard Features

  • Compact
  • Sturdy steel welded construction for years of trouble free service
  • Easy operation
  • Available with heat
  • Includes a drain
  • Optional process timer available
  • Your choice of 115v or 230v
Poly stainless basket for centrifugal spin dryer
Poly/Stainless Baskets Available
Basket Size (in.)
Load Rating (lbs.)
Working Space (L x W x H, in.)
Motor Horsepower
Optional Heat (Watts)
Weight (lb)
Voltage / Phase
6 x 6
10 x 10 x 20
1/4 HP @ 1075 RPM
115/230V, 1 Phase
12 x 12
24 x 18 x 33
2 HP @ 725 RPM
230/460V, 3 Phase
18 x 18
30 x 24 x 39
2 HP @ 600 RPM
230/460V, 3 Phase