FCRB 2460 Workstation

Work Station for Centrifugal Barrel Machine

This convenient workstation includes two integral sinks with submersible pump, separation equipment with mutiple screens and upper and lower storage areas with shelves.

An optional “clarifier package” is available that includes two HDPE boxes with baffles designed to fit under the sinks. This option will remove the suspended non-hazardous solids from the effluent.

Constructed of non-corrosive high-density PE with continuously welded seems. 110V.

Warranty: One(1) Year

Made in the USA

Standard Features

Separation Sieve with 1/2″, 3/8″, 1/4″, #4, #7 and #20 Mesh with two support frames
Sump Pump with check-valve, tank & lid
Two (2) one-cup measuring cups
Two (2) two-gallon plastic pails& lids
One (1) 3.5 gallon pail (fits under sieve)
Two (2) five-gallon pails (for compound)

Optional Accessories

Clarifier Package for suspended solids removal. Includes two HDPE tanks with baffles