FM Bruni 3 - Roll Burnisher Stainless Steel

A stainless steel Brunimat rolling burnisher made by Bel Air Finishing used to polish metals (Goliath 2000 Burnisher)
A brunitec burnisher part separator being used to separate polishing media from finished metals
Easily separate polished items from polishing media.

Ball Burnishing

Until the present day, the most efficient and nonabrasive method to harden surfaces has been ball burnishing.

Items are hardened and polished in a mass of steel balls, often in a vibrating bowl, rotating sextagon or octagonal drum, submerged in a lubricant of soapy water. The action of these containers is non-abrasive and the hammering hardens the surfaces from all sides. Plating, for example, is prevented from lifting, being firmly hammered onto its base metal. Polished items have a much longer life expectancy, as the compacted surface is more resistant to wear, scratching and corrosion.

Due to the unique action of this machine, the “orange-peel” effect caused by typical burnishing equipment is not an issue. Extensive testing on silver, gold and platinum jewelry has proven the Brunimat to be the most effective machine that yields the best results.

The FM-Bruni-3 (Replacement for the Brunitec GOLIATH 2000) is ergonomically friendly, easy to use and features a unique unloading system that separates the parts from the media as they come out of the machine, leaving the media in the machine!

Meet Your Metal Finishing Needs

  • Stainless Steel
  • Gold / Silver – Plated Items
  • Copper & Brass
  • Bronze
  • Aluminum
  • Chromium-Plated Items

The Brunimat System: Rolling, not hammering

Hammering has the disadvantage, however, of leaving marks on flat items and on soft metals. The so-called “orange-peel effect” is typical of burnishing in vibratory bowls or rotating angular tumblers.

The Brunimat uses a Ball Burnishing process to polish metals using the pressure of polishing balls and rotating them with metal items to polish metal coatings

1. Base metal
2. Precious metal coating
3. Polishing ball
4. Rotating direction
5. Global pressure of balls

The patented Brunimat construction sets a completely new standard for surface quality, as well as for operating comfort and for space saving. The polishing balls, which are held in an open trough lined with an endless conveyor belt, roll firmly and smoothly with absolutely no vibration. This harmonius and continued movement of the polishing balls result in an even and very compact hardening of the surface metal. delicate, flat, hollow or thinly walled items such as jewelry, cogwheels and coins leave the polishing trough undamaged with no trace of hammer marks.

….. retrieve the polished items quickly and completely separated from the media

Brunimat’s open-trough construction enables continuous access during the entire polishing process. Items can be removed for examination and reinserted at any time without interrupting the operation… and the tedious and time-consuming emptying and sieving of small items from the polishing media becomes a thing of the past, thanks to Brunimat’s patented and easy to use sorting basket. In just three easy and time-saving steps the finished items can be can be gently separated and lifted out of he polishing media leaving the trough ready for relaoding

Baskets with 6 different mesh sizes are available: 17 x 17MM, 13 x 13MM, 10 x 10MM, 8 x 8MM, 6 x 6MM and 4 x 4MM made of Rislan-coated wire netting.

basket containing metal polishing balls media rolls at a set speed to finish metals
Rotation of metal polishing balls safely polishes metal surfaces
easily separate media from finished metals by simply lifting basket