Small and large sized magnetic gun separator, separates magnetic parts from media
Magnetic lift series used for picking up iron and steel parts
Magnetic Lift Separators

Magnetic Lift Parts/Media Separators in two styles. Heavy-duty steel “Multi Lifts” for larger vibratory applications, and “Pistol Grip styles ideal for magnetic pin finisher parts separation.

Manual Media separator, separates parts from media
Manual Separator Screen, 5 pc. Kit, or Individual

Manual separator screens with tub and five screen sets, nests for easy storage. Separate screens are available also.

Mobile Media Separator, separates parts from wet or dry media
Mobile/Portable Automatic Separators

Portable automatic parts separator that features easily changeable parts separator screens in a wide aray of sizes. Made in the USA.

MS-3600 Separator / Classifier

An inexpensive, versatile, “go-anywhere” vibrating screener perfect for work cells, batch runs, or continuous production. The simple design and few moving parts require minimal maintenance while providing top screening.

Automated Precision Separation Units

Automated separation units combine vibratory motion and pneumatic knife technology to make your separation nightmares go away. Our customizable units feature removable stainless steel mesh screens, sizable hoppers, variable vibration, and pneumatic controls.

Automated Hydronic Media Separator

Automatic hydronic media/parts separators can separate up to 300 lbs. of parts/media fast and efficiently by means of density, even with parts and media of the same size. Works with plastic and ceramic media.