Dry Media Information and Specs

Dry polishing media, improves rough surfaces and achieves a high polish

Bel Air’s DRY MEDIA has been developed over years of production experience. The main initiative has been to eliminate the associated problems of product waste water. There are several main factors that we address when choosing the correct media with the best performance. CUT is the factor that determines the ability to deburr or reduce rough surfaces. COLOR is the factor that determines the ability to brighten or polish the work piece. Size and density relate to the efficiency of the process.

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No need for water and compound. No sticking when processing flat parts. Density is 60 lbs. per cubic foot, more than most plastic media. Heavier than most organic shells and cob media. Self cleaning, no need for treating, dressing, or metal impregnation. Preformed shapes and sizes to avoid lodging. More dense to reduce process time. NO DUST!

EF 500
An extremely long-wearing media specifically formulated for fine finishing of non-ferrous metals. This media will provide excellent pre-plate surfaces on all metals. Weighs approximately 60 lbs. per cubic foot. Color is green.
EF 700
A fast-cutting media containing quartz abrasive. Used specifically to produce an antique finish on jewelry & consumer items. Weighs approximately 60 lbs. per cubic foot. Color is pink.
EF 900
A fast-cutting media containing aluminum oxide abrasive. To be used where heavy cut-down and surface blending is required but higher wear-rate is not a factor, for use on all metals. Weighs approximately 60 lbs. per cubic foot. Color is blue.
EF 1000
A fast-cutting media containing no aluminum oxides. Special blend made to order only. Weighs approximately 70 lbs. per cubic foot. Color is white.


Walnut shell is the hard fibrous product made from crushing walnut. Extremely durable, angular and multi-faceted, yet considered a soft abrasive. The shells are ground into various sizes depending on the application, and treated with various abrasives. Cutting grains or polishing compounds are bonded to the shell and are used for a wide variety of cutting and colorings of all types of materials. D-WS Raw can also be used as a soft aggregate in removing foreign matter or coating from surfaces without etching, scratching or marring cleaning areas in tumbling or blasting equipment.

Carrier - CORN COB

Corn cob media is a smoothing flowing carrier made from the hard woody ring of the corn cob. It is less angular and softer that walnut shell but is treated much in the same way. Treated corn cob is more suited for coloring options. D-CC Raw Cob is used in tumbling to remove dirt, oils, and for part drying. It is also used as a blast media for delicate parts and spill absorption.

Carrier - Coconut

Ground and processed coconut husks are used for light grinding and polishing of many substrates such as gold, silver, titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, and delrin. The shell is less angular and less faceted than walnut shell but is as durable. The coconut shell is best used for primary cutting or pre-coloring.

Shape and Size