This 4.0 CU FT capacity machine features four(4) 1.0 cu ft barrels tht can process parts up to 9″ x 28″ in length. The liners are pre-grooved to accept dividers, allowing for up to 10 compartments per barrel! The barrels come with replaceable rubber or urethane liners which can be replaced in the field in a matter of minutes. The barrel covers, also stainless steel, are easily opened via cam lock mechanism, which eliminates the need for tools and further reduces the time required to load/unload.

As is standard with the entire CB-SS Line, it is constructed of 304 Stainless Steel Panels, Turret , Shafts, Cradles, Barrels and Lids. The panels are easily removable to make maintenance a breeze. Also standard is a digital plc and touch-screen operator interface with recipe storage. Recipes can be stored by Part#, Key Number, or a process number. These machines also feature a unique drive system with a true 1:1 ratio which ensures that the barrels always come to rest in the same unload position every time!

Warranty: 3 years on general construction, 2 years on all electrical components, and 1 year on all belts, bearings and liners.

Made in the USA

The stainless steel barrels feature removable liners of rubber or urethane. Liners can be replaced in the field. This eliminates the need to remove barrels from the system to send out for relining, reducing down time. The barrels can be divided up to 10 compartments each; thus allowing the operator to process 40 separate parts per cycle.

Our Lid design, again in stainless steel construction, has increased productivity by eliminating the need for any tools necessary to remove the lids. The machine also features a convenient holding area in the front of the machine to conveniently store the cover when loading or unloading the barrel.

The FMCB SS-4 eliminates the need to remove the barrels form the machine to access the parts and media. Simply remove the lid and dump contents into the Material Handling system. Parts can be separated from the media through screens.

Past chain drive units have been very noisy and unpleasant to hear. With use of polycarbonate idler sprockets and “Diamond Chain” the UNITED Engineering Team has solved this Issue to utilize the many benefits of a chain drive system including:

1) Less down time and longer maintenance intervals by eliminating barrel slippage and belt ware.

2) A true 1:1 ratio, allowing the barrel to retain its loading position, increasing productivity and ergonomics

With the introduction of the CPC (Computerized Process Controller) process consistency has been greatly improved by incorporating recipe handling with the loading procedures. The CPC is capable of storing a large amount of process information such as types and amounts for the media and compounds, maximum number of parts per barrel, loading instructions or procedures and cycle time and turret RPM. The operator may chose from the preset process screen which process to run (either by part description, part number, or process code). Then simply select either to review operating procedures or run process. Once run have been selected process parameters such as media and water levels, turret RPM and cycle time are automatically loaded into the CPC memory and are activated by a push of a button. The system is loaded and operated to exact and consistent standards every cycle