Bel Air has 3D post processing equipment for all needs and budgets.

Bel Air supplies quality mass finishing equipment solutions to fit your budget. We will help you choose the proper equipment and techniques for your specific 3D material, part geometry, and production system requirements. We take great pride in our track record of helping our customers find the optimum finishing solutions for a variety of different industries, materials, finishing media, production processes, and product finishing specifications. Send us your parts for free sample processing today, and let us design a finishing program for you!

Build/Support Removal: FM-WJ Water Jet Blasters

water jet blaster designed for post processing 3D printed parts

Completely Automated Tumbling & Blasting, No Dust, Perfect Polish. Bel Air defines “Water Jet Blasting” as a wet slurry treatment process which removes powder and improves surfaces in a single operation, without chemicals or solvents. A pressurized blasting slurry can be used to create both desired cosmetic and functional surface finishes, while removing all excess build material. Dust-free and simple to use, the FM-WJ wet blaster is a must-have piece of equipment for all plastic and metal 3D post processing.

Automation options, such as motorized turntables and tumble baskets, are available as options, allowing you to blast a large batch of parts all at once.

Cleaning and Dyeing - FM-CU2024 System

Automated cleaning system with ultrasonic cleaning and rinsing for post processing needs

Bel Air’s FM-CU2024 automated cleaning system is an all-in-one solution for your 3D post processing needs. Remove build material and/or prepare your parts for dyeing and coating in the ultrasonic cleaner, which comes with complete with heating, agitation, & filtration. The automated tumbler moves parts around to immerse them in dye, allowing for better coverage of a large number of parts, no matter how complex the geometry.  Works exceedingly well with PA-11 and 12.

This system is customizable and modular, so each part can be purchased separately as needed. Various optional features are also available, to create a workflow perfectly tailored to your needs. 

Equipment MB Dye

Build/Support Removal: Parts Washer/Dunker

Parts Washer & Dunker for Build & Support Removal of Residue using compounds

Bel Air’s parts dunkers utilize aggressive agitation and dipping action, making them suitable for use with various 3D resin/build removal compounds. A solution of water and the appropriate build removal compounds, when used in Bel Air’s parts dunkers, provides an environmentally friendly cleaning and build removal solution for Stratasys SR and various SLA plastics.

Equipment Supplies

Spin Coater for 3D parts

Bel Air’s centrifugal coating machine is ideally suited for small parts or small quantities of parts, and only requires a small amount of coating material.

It’s reusable material tank allows for dip-spinning and storage, all in one vessel.

SLS Build/Support Removal: Chemical Tank

Build removal chemical tank, designed for washing and removal of all build substrates

Bel Air’s covered stainless steel chemical tanks are designed for the washing and removal of all build substrates. Standard model FM-C-1216 has a capacity of 9 gallons, and dimensions of 12” W x 12” L x 16” deep. Custom sizes are available and made to order. All units are fire reactive, with a fusable link to drop lid in event of a fire.

Low Energy: FinishMaster (FM) Vibratory Finishers

Vibratory tumbler machine, great for deburring and pre-plating, 3 cubic foot

Bel Air’s FinishMaster series of vibratory bowl units offer the most machine for the money. These sturdy reliable industrial quality machines are constructed of a combination of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum castings and feature a durable powder-coated finish. FinishMaster vibes also feature solid urethane bowls that eliminate the need for re-lining as with other vibe bowls. Bel Air’s unique patented rubber suspension mount system (Pat. No. D 260,650) makes these machines quieter than standard vibe bowls that use spring suspension mounts. Bel Air FinishMaster vibe bowls have been in production for over forty years, are made in the USA and their simplicity of design and low maintenance requirements make them an unbeatable value. All models feature direct drive motors with flexible couplings to eliminate excess vibration transfer to the motor, which significantly increases the life of the motor, no belts or pulleys.

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High Energy: FMSL Centrigfugal Disc Finishers

High Energy Centrifugal Disc Finisher twenty two liter capacity

Bel Air centrifugal disc finishers are ideal for the types of surface finishing necessary for DMLS, SLA,FDM, Nylon, Aros and all of the 3D printed parts they are available with 1, 2 or 3 process chambers in any combination of wet or dry process bowls. Excellent for finishing 3D printed materials such as 17-4, 300 series stainless steel’s, Aluminide, Nylons, steel, and aluminum as well as alloys such as maraging steel, inconel, stainless steel, titanium, etc. Centrifugal disc finishing technology enables deburring into grooves and corners that conventional vibratory or tumble deburring is unable to reach. Cycle times are dramatically reduced by up to one tenth of normal deburring cycles. Easy to use, low maintenance with field replaceable wear parts. Excellent for the additive manufacturing industries.

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High Energy: FM-Mini Hoppa Centrifugal Barrel Finishers

Centrifugal Barrel Finisher, 4 barrel for precision deburring and polishing

Bel Air Centrifugal Barrel machines are used in a wide range of industrial applications from aggressive deburring and surface improvement to very intricate finishing of extremely delicate parts. The design allows greatly reduced cycle times when compared to conventional vibratory machines, and can be used in either a wet or dry process.

Cleaning & Drying Equipment – Ultrasonic, Rinse, Dry

Bel Air offers a complete range of ultrasonic cleaning, rinsing, and drying consoles in a variety of standard configurations. We also provide custom built units to suit your application. Components can be integrated into one convenient console unit, or separated into multiple units with separate dryers.

Metrology Services

Bel Air can provide you with an ideal non-contact metrology unit for accurate surface measurements. These units are small and compact and includes all software required for use. The units are ready for use out of the box, and will provide 2D, 3D and live images of your parts. Bel Air will help you choose the best of several units, best suited for your needs.

Large Part Build Removal: FMT Horizontal Tumbler

Horizontal tumbler machine for large parts

Bel Air now offers heavy-duty horizontal tumbling equipment for the post processing of your largest 3D printed plastic parts. They are capable of both wet and dry finishing and cleaning processes. Structural steel and heavy gauge tubing construction allows them to handle even the heaviest of barrel loads. Other standard features include a “Direct Drive” system for continuous, low-maintenance operation, a TEFC brake motor that can stop and hold the barrel in any position for loading and unloading, an intuitive PLC interface, an emergency stop button, a run/off/jog selector switch with forward/reverse push buttons, and safety interlock.