Polished 3D printed part, metal processing example

Metal Processing

Bel Air provides post-process finishing solutions, equipment, media, and services for all 3D printed metal parts.

Metal Examples

3D Printed Plastic Part Example

Plastic Processing

Bel Air provides surface finishing solutions, equipment, media, and services, including coating, dyeing, and build removal, for all 3D printed plastic parts.

Plastic Examples

3D Post Processing Service Provider Example for finishing, coating, electroplating, dyeing, and surface metrology

Service Provider

Bel Air is a high quality service provider for surface finishing, coating, electroplating, dyeing, and surface metrology.

Service Providers

3D Post Processing equipment supplies

Equipment / Supplies

Bel Air offers a wide array of finishing equipment and supplies, allowing you to find finishing solutions that both fit your budget and meet your post processing needs. We can help you deliver the high quality finished products your company and your customers expect. Our equipment and media deliver quality results on DMLS, SLA, FMD, and all other metal and plastic additive manufacturing materials and methods.

Equipment Supplies

3D Post Processing Metrology used to measure surface before and after post processing

About Bel Air Finishing

Bel Air has over 50 years of experience in the mass finishing industry. Our areas of expertise include metal finishing, product finishing, polishing, deburring, parts cleaning, and wastewater treatment. Our service to customers goes beyond just perfect finished parts. We also provide parts cleaning and wastewater treatment, giving you a complete and efficient system that fits your "manufacturing culture". Still not convinced? Try our free sample processing, and see the possibilities!

About Us

3D Post Processing Laboratory, array of post processing equipment and supplies

Finishing Technology

Bel Air's Mission: We provide solutions for surface finishing applications, no matter how basic or complex, by integrating robotics, metrology, automated vision systems, material handling, waste water treatment, and dust collection systems. We first develop the optimum process for your product finishing, deburring or mass polishing needs, and then supply the finishing equipment and supplies at the lowest possible cost.

Sample Part Processing