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What is the Ideal Finishing Process & Equipment for your Part?

Bel Air Finishing are experts at tumbling, deburring & polishing whether the parts are firearm components, medical parts, aerospace components, 3D printed parts for both metal and plastic materials.

Our process is simple:

  1. ‘You’ provide a sample of the part to be finished.
  2. We develop and document the optimum finishing process for your part.
  3. We specify and manufacture the finishing equipment and finishing supplies, at the lowest possible cost.

In addition to producing perfectly finished parts, Bel Air Finishing also provides end-to-end solutions with parts cleaning & drying, wastewater treatment, and even metrology equipment.

Send Us ‘Your' Part!

Let us help you solve your mass finishing needs. We take great pride in our reputation for helping our customers find the optimum finishing solutions for a variety of different industries, materials, production processes and product finishing specifications. In jewelry finishing, metal finishing, precious metal polishing, and precious metal recovery, Bel Air provides mass finishing solutions without peer.

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Mass Finishing Equipment and Supplies

Mass Finishing

As experts in the tumbling finishing process, Bel Air offers a wide range of floor and table-top vibratory tumblers, rotary tumblers, horizontal tumblers, vibratory tub finishers with a full supporting cast of tumbling media and compounds.


Deburring Machines, Mass Finishing
In the Mass Finishing process, deburring is the first step in the production of a finished part. Bel Air Finishing’s wide range of deburring machines will both deburr and polish depending on the application and desired outcome.


Mass Finishing, Polishing Solutions

Whether your application is small or large, used in the medical or aerospace markets, Bel Air Finishing has a diverse range of high quality polishing equipment, including the unique AutoHone™ – Robotic Honing & Polishing Machine, a Reverse Drag Finisher.

Mass Finishing, 3D Post-Processing
Bel Air can formulate processes to meet the finishing requirements for any 3D printed product, both metal, and plastic, using water jet blasters, vibratory, centrifugal disc, and barrel finishers. Quality mass-finishing equipment to fit your budget.
Tumbling Media

Bel Air Finishing develops high quality, low & high-density tumbling media for all finishing processes. We have a wide variety of plastic tumbling media, ceramic media, as well as magnetic pin & steel ball burnishing media.

Wet/Dry Blasting

Water Blaster

Water jet surry blasters clean, descale, and degrease in a single operation without chemicals or solvents. Using a mixture of water and abrasive media, our blasters treat the parts by ‘scrubbing’ without changing close tolerance dimensions.

Parts Cleaners/ Dryers

Parts Cleaner, Mass Finishing

To complete the mass finishing process, Bel Air offers a range of parts cleaners & parts dryers that include ultrasonic cleaning units, hot air dryers, heated cob dryers, centrifugal spin dryers, & vacuum vapor degreasers.

Mass Finishing

The final step in the mass finishing process is wastewater treatment. Bel Air provides highly efficient, environmentally friendly systems that allow for recirculation and operate in a closed-closed loop. Ultrafiltration models recover up to 98% of effluent.

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