Bel Air Finish Master Vibratory Bowls

FM Vibratory Bowls

FM-2000 w/ Flo-Thru FM-4000 FM-6000

Bel Air's Finishmaster series of vibratory bowl units offer the most machine for the least amount of money. These sturdy reliable industrial quality machines are constructed of a combination of heavy-gauge steel and aluminum castings and feature a durable power-coated finish. Bel Air Finishmaster vibe bowls have been in production for over thirty-years, are made in the USA and their simplicity of design and low maintenance requirements make them an unbeatable value.

What to expect...

  • No Maintenance: The solid, high-wearing all urethane bowls will never need a reline, saving the time consuming and costly relining common with other machines of it's type.
  • Highly Durable: The rugged steel bases are welded and powder-coated for durability, include leveling feet, and do not require foundations for operation.
  • High Capacity: Bel Air Finish Master series vibe bowls offer the most processing capacity than any other machines in this size class.

Standard Features

  • Quick Release Bowl *
  • Adjustable Amplitude
  • No Belts or Pulleys
  • Powder-Coated Finish
  • Solid Urethane Bowl
  • Drain Plug/Unload Door **
  • Ribbed Bowl Walls
* Model FM-2000 & 2010 AND ** Model FM-4000 & 6000


  • Aerospace
  • Medical / Pharmaceutical
  • Electronics
  • Automotive
  • Jewelry
  • Machine Shops
  • Job Shops
  • Ideal for lean manufacturing - cellular set-ups

Drain Plug/Unload Door Example

  • The Model FM-4000 and FM-6000 Feature: a flow-thru drain with screen, and include an expandable batch unload plug for easy removal of the process media and parts.

Unloaded Plug

Loaded Plug


  • The Model FM-2000 Features: a removable process bowl with a "quick release" clamp system for fast easy removal of the bowl. This feature allows you to have more than one bowl with media and eliminates having to change out the media. One bowl can be configured for wet, and another for dry processes! Optional 10 and 30 gallon compound systems makes these machines a quick and inexpensive way to get up and running.

Self Cleaning Drain

Removable Hub Cover

Easy Amplitude Adjustment

Technical Data
Model Capacity
(cu. ft.)
Bowl Depth
Channel Width
Bowl Dia.
FM 2000 .5 5.5 17 28 5.25 16 1/10 110/220V, 1 Phase
FM 2010 .5 5.5 17 16 5.25 16 1/10 110/220V, 1 Phase
FM 4000 1.3 7.5 27 38 7.5 25 1/2 110/220V, 1 Phase
FM 6000 3.0 10 35 46 10 32 1/2 110/220V, 1 Phase
FT-10 10 gal. N/A 14.75 22.5 N/A N/A N/A 110/220V, 1 Phase
FT-30 30 gal. N/A 20 30.5 N/A N/A N/A 110/220V, 1 Phase