Reverse Drag Finisher

Reverse Drag Finisher

Abrasive or polishing media moves at speeds of up to 2000 surface feet per minute allowing the processing of large and small parts on arm mounted chucks. Centrifugal force spins the finishing media into a form fitting grinding wheel while the arm rotates the parts slowly in a "reverse drag" operation, assuring uniform deburring and finishing of all surfaces.

The adjustable angle arms and variable media speed make this an excellent choice for finishing gears, crankshafts, bearing cages, spline shafts, pump rotors, jet blades, medical implants and many other complex parts.

Tool holders are made to fit the exact requirements of your parts, and the machine can be further automated to suit your process, using robotic loading and unloading. The machine is also available with rotary actuators on the arm assembly that is controlled via a Touch-Screen and PLC enabling further articulation of the part.

Bel Air is a System Integrator and all equipment can be modified or adapted to fit Cellular or Lean manufacturing platforms.

Reverse Drag Finisher Standard

Standard Uses

  • Medical implants
  • Automotive high performance parts
  • Aircraft engine components
  • Firearms
  • Hardware
  • Cutting tools
  • Edge honing
  • Gears
  • Bearing components
  • Blades, Rotors and disks
Model Length
# of
Bowl Dia.
(cu. ft.)
Hydraulic Model
Available (HD)
Pneumatic Model
Available (LD)
FMRD 30 47 46 45 1 or 2 30 1.0 230/460, 3 Phase
FMRD 48 94 59 68 1, 2, or 3 48 6.0 230/460, 3 Phase
FMRD 72 112 84 75 1, 2, or 3 72 9.0 230/460, 3 Phase