Centrifugal Disc Finisher 22 Liter

Centrifugal Disc Fiinisher 22 Liter
Bel Air FMSL 22 series centrifugal disc finishers are ideal for precision deburring of all types of stamped or machine parts and are available with 1, 2 or 3 process chambers in any combination of wet or dry process bowls. Excellent for finishing conventional materials such as brass, copper, steel, and aluminum as well as alloys such as kovar, inconel, stainless steel, titanium, etc. Centrifugal disc finishing technology enables deburring into grooves and corners that conventional vibratory or tumble deburring is unable to reach. Cycle times are dramatically reduced by up to one tenth of normal deburring cycles. Flat part thickness as low as .012 an be processed. Hollow parts with wall thickness as low as .003 can be gently deburred or polished. Easy to use, low maintenance with field replaceable wear parts. Excellent for the micro electronic and medical industries.

    Small compact design with integrated parts/media separation equipment, on-board media storage and optional integrated ultrasonic cleaner are ideal for work cells and cellular manufacturing.

    Specially designed gap systems between rotating disc and chamber top guarantee the use of finest polishing and grinding mediums, and is the easiest gap system to adjust and maintain.

    The Twist Gap Adjustment Method enables an easy and uncomplicated gap adjustment within the hundredth range without additional tools. Down-time and costs arising in this connection are drastically reduced. Due to a complete PU interior lining in the gap area, it can be assured that there will be no damage to the work pieces processed. Wear components are easily serviced by your maintenance personal with basic hand tools. Wear components can be replaced in a matter of minutes, minimizing production down-time.

Standard Features

  • Heavy duty modular aluminum extrusion frame
  • Twist Gap Adjustment
  • Tilting Bowl for easy parts/media
  • Integrated S.S. Separation Equipment
  • On-board S.S. Media Storage Bins
  • Integrated Dosing Pump for Wet Bowls
  • Aircool System for Dry Bowls
  • PLC Controlled Rinse System
  • Integrated Compound Dosing Pump
  • Allen Bradley PLC with Touch Screen controls for; process time, auto-reverse time, vary speed, dosing, rinse settings, low-level shut-off, e-stop.
  • 220 - 240V/3 Phase

Optional Equipment

  • Down Graded Control Panel with Unitronics PLC/Touch-Screen
  • Direct Soap Feed Rinse/Compound System (elliminates pre-mixing of compound)
  • Integrated Ultrasonic incorporated into machine frame
  • Stack-Lite module
  • Recipe Storage for up to 99 processes, password protected (Allen Bradley Panels only)
  • Vibrating S.S. Media/Parts separation
  • Auto and semi-automatic parts media separation units
  • Bowl Covers for additional operator safety.
Model Length
(In / CM)
(In / CM)
(In / CM)
(Cu. Ft.)
Bowl Dia.
(In / CM)
FMSL 22 /1 23 / 58 39 / 99 59 / 149 22 .75 14.5 / 36 245 220/3
FMSL 22 /2 45 / 114 39 / 99 59 / 149 22 X 2 .75 X 2 14.5 / 36 410 220/3
FMSL 22 /3 66 / 167 39 / 99 59 / 149 22 X 3 .75 X 3 14.5 / 36 595 220/3